KICT - PPCT MOU Signing Ceremony

KICT - PPCT MOU Signing Ceremony

Container Premium Train Service

Pakistan Railway Conference

Commencement of Freight Train Service

April 06, 2019

PPCT has successfully started the new Freight Train Service between Karachi & Lahore

KICT - PPCT MOU Signing Ceremony

January 06, 2020

MOU signed with KICT (Hutchison Ports) to run exclusive Freight Train Service from KICT to Lahore

Container Premium Train Service Event

March 11, 2021

PPCT has honored to be a part of first Container Premium Train Service of Pakistan Railways between Karachi & Lahore

Railway Pre-bit Conference

March 06, 2021

Pakistan Railways Conference event held in Lahore Headquarter with Minister of Railways and Authorities